During travel, our hair is weakened by the sun, the cold, the humidity, the dryness… are we always equipped to protect it?

Leonor Greyl, a family-run, high-end hair care company, shares its precious advice on how to make our hair look good in any situation.

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Today we’re talking about how to avoid split ends. 


What is a split end?

It is a hair whose tip is weakened and splitting. The fork can be located higher or lower on the length. It occurs when keratin, a protein that forms the glue that holds the hair together, weakens and no longer provides the hair with its resilience, causing it to become brittle and split.


Banish bad habits

Split ends are not inevitable. With proper care throughout the year, it will not become brittle. On the other hand, cuts that are too far apart (less than once a quarter) and repeated blow-drying without thermal protection will weaken the scales. If your hair tends to tangle, don’t pull on the knots: isolate the strand and try to untangle them gently. Otherwise, cut above the knot with a pair of scissors.


Once the split ends have appeared, what can be done?

Unfortunately there is no way to close a split once it has appeared, the only solution is to cut over it. Make an appointment with your hairdresser for a good cut, which he will do on dry hair. The technique consists of sliding the comb along the length to see the forks in transparency and cut in the right place without leaving any. Avoid burning them with a candle, as this can cause damage.


The right treatment for beautiful hair tips

* Cut off about one centimetre every three months.
* Before each shampoo, apply one or two capfuls of Leonor Greyl Oil to your lengths and ends. A beauty and care routine that is essential for all types of hair to nourish it in depth and make it more resistant.
* As a plan of attack on dehydrated or damaged hair, apply your mask once a week on dry hair for twenty minutes: Jasmine Flower Mask if your hair is fine or normal, Orchid Mask if it is thick or curly.
* Heat is the hair’s first enemy. Use a protective treatment every time you use a hair dryer, straightening plates or a curling iron: Silk Serum Sublimator for normal or fine hair, Natural Radiance for thick or curly hair. Both of these stylers have the advantage of being able to be applied to dry hair at any time of the day to rehydrate your ends in no time.


A little tip to check that your hair is in good health

Stretch it by holding the ends with your thumb and forefinger. If it stretches without breaking and returns to its original shape, it is strong and therefore in good shape!