Happy New Year travel buddies! We hope you had a great holiday season with your loved ones, and that you found some nice travel cosmetic kits under the tree. We wish you the best for the coming year: well-being, adrenaline and escapes. Yes, it’s only January, but it’s never too early to plan your next trip… with the cold weather outside and the pandemic in full swing, what better way than to dream of elsewhere? To help you wait out the winter months, we’ve put together our spring destination ideas for 2022. Whether they’re located at the other end of Europe for breathtaking scenery or in France for a more local and environmental approach, there’s something for every taste – and every budget. So get out your notepad, we’re taking you on board!

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Going on vacation or just for a weekend requires choosing the right time. Spring is an ideal season for departures. Let us explain:

First, we appreciate the low tourist numbers. Outside of school vacations, the most beautiful regions of the world, usually saturated in summer, are much quieter. This allows you to discover your chosen region in a more local and less stifling way. Indeed, this means less queuing in front of museums and historical monuments, less headaches for hotel or restaurant reservations… without forgetting the important price factor: rates are reduced, often by half compared to the July-August periods. Many advantages to take into account!

Not to mention the often advantageous climate at this time of the year, in many parts of the world. Just in Spain, a few kilometers from us, temperatures can be around 28 degrees in May. (Our advice to enjoy this country: the travel kit ” Le Sud”, because we do not go to the sun without taking care of your skin).

For other less hot regions, the weather softens from March onwards, which makes it pleasant to get away. An ideal period, therefore, for you who dread sunstroke and dream of visiting a city without dying of heat under your hats.

All reasons are good to grab your travel kit and pack your bags at the end of winter!



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With the pandemic, a new tourism trend has emerged: slow-tourism, or local tourism. The closed borders and the numerous sanitary restrictions have pushed travelers to change their nomadic habits: go less far away, and discover places in their country that they didn’t know existed. France has no shortage of beautiful landscapes or pleasant getaways, and it has much to offer. This trend has many other advantages: it favors local actors, greatly lowers the costs of your vacation, and most importantly, greatly reduces pollution caused by transportation, thus taking care of the environment. Much less headaches, expenses and carbon footprint!

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The Gorges du Verdon. In spring, the Verdon Gorges are a beautiful destination. They offer the possibility of many activities: hiking, canoeing, visiting the villages of Castellane and Moustiers-Sainte-Marie (medieval villages not to be missed), astronomical observation… accompanied of course by the beautiful charm of Provence and its delicious climate. We recommend them to sportsmen! Don’t forget your minimalist travel kit Sous les Etoiles, for the adventurers who don’t have enough space in their backpack 😉

Mayenne. How about a moment of slow tourism? This trend has exploded with the confinements and sanitary restrictions; it responds to a need we all have: slow down, explore, enjoy, breathe. A way of life based on green spaces and improvised walks, which offers us a break from the stress of active life and the overloaded schedule. And the Mayenne, a charming but little known department, immerses you in its green bubble for a breath of fresh air. There are about 600 castles, such as Sainte Suzanne (a medieval village not to be missed, again) or Lassay-Les-Châteaux, which can be visited. Climbing in the caves of Saulges and water-skiing on the Mayenne river are on the agenda for the sportsmen! For the epicureans, the local specialties are numerous and varied. And don’t forget to visit the Robert Tatin museum, an unusual place that will give you a complete change of scenery with its surrealist statues in the open air. There is something for everyone in Mayenne!

It’s a perfect region to stroll in the middle of nature or in the alleys of a city with family, friends, couples or on a date with yourself!

Our Blooom tip: the Little Green Sunshine or Green Club travel kit, to extend the green experience!



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Portugal. We don’t need to introduce you to this country, which has the advantage of being easily accessible from France but doesn’t have the tourist frenzy of Spain. Portugal is famous for the beauty of its coastal landscapes (the Algarve) and its destinations in the heart of nature (the Douro valley to discover!). For city dwellers, Porto is still a must – and so are its wines that you know. In any case, it is easy to go from city to country in a snap.

Climate-wise, it’s the good life from March onwards, even with the vagaries of the sea air. Life is also reputed to be less expensive for meals, transportation and hotel stays. In any case, it’s an ideal destination for a few days of springtime getaway.



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Serbia. In recent years, the popularity of the Balkans has grown steadily. Most of these countries have been receiving a lot of tourists since their charm became known to the French – this may discourage many travelers. However, Serbia has been out of the spotlight until now, remaining more discreet than its neighbors. One wonders why, because there are so many nuggets to discover! Belgrade has acquired the excellent culinary reputation it deserved: the Michelin guide celebrates its delicate cuisine that multiplies influences and flavors. The capital is also famous for its dynamic nightlife, often compared to Berlin in the 90s. Of course, we can’t forget the city of Novi Sad and its multiple cultural activities along the banks of the Danube: visiting castles that host art galleries, discovering factories of various products (pasta, silk). Novi Sad has been named one of the three capitals of culture for 2022, and it deserves this title. What to plan an unforgettable trip to Serbia!



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Iceland. The beauty of the Icelandic landscapes make this country an unusual and very popular destination for a few years: observation of aurora borealis and whales, visit of fjords and volcanoes… this trip guarantees you an extraordinary experience. However, the biggest hazard: the rather unfavorable weather. In spring, the snow melts and the roads reopen, and the sun stays longer (it stays present almost all night from May!). The weather, usually around 6-10 degrees, will not be considerably better in summer. Spring remains then a good opportunity to discover Iceland, which will not be impacted by its summer tourist influx. A better contact with the locals, a more authentic experience and a breath of fresh air in the wide white spaces – this may be exactly what you need?


We recommend the Polar Lapland Cream, to take care of your hands, to slip into your travel kit before your trip 🙂


So, does this inspire you? We hope you’ll have enough to wait for the end of the winter, and in the meantime, we wish you a good recovery!


The Blooom team