At Blooom, we are committed to selecting the best for your skin and for the planet, in order to accompany you towards responsible travel. We carefully select our partner brands, in accordance with our values, and yours, for travel kits that look like you.

In all transparency, we tell you a little bit of the story of each of our partners brands, and their commitments.







The brand was born from its founder Ludvina Sanchez, Franco-Peruvian, who wanted to take a step towards a more respectful cosmetics, with formulations that are environmentally friendly, qualitative and innovative. More precisely, Pachamamaï products are made in France, in an artisanal way by hand, the formulations are natural and the products in solid format for a zero waste bathroom (and travel kit)! Especially since most of the packaging is recyclable and/or refillable.


Louise emoi



To continue in our launch of zero waste and made in France travel kits, we present Louise emoi. Véronique Schiavon had a strong desire to create with her partner Louise Charles Alfred something that made sense, in accordance with her values. That’s when the brand was born. Louise Emoi offers cold saponified soaps, a manufacturing process that preserves the best properties of the oils used. The brand has diversified and now offers dozens of scents and solid, natural and organic products. Also, it has obtained certifications and labels such as cosmos organic, slow cosmetics and Nature et progrès.







Convinced that every gesture counts to protect the planet, Pauline wanted to contribute to the building by creating Dou, a colorful and committed brand. To accompany you in your zero waste transition, Pauline makes soft washable makeup remover pads, which she calls pancakes, and upcycled pouches (action of recovering materials or products that are no longer used in order to transform them into materials or products of superior quality) to accompany them. Handmade in Portugal, infinitely reusable and Oeko-Tex certified, the Dou pancakes are also designed to be compatible with all makeup removal lotions. Super practical and super light, they are a must have for your travel kits.






A 38-year-old French brand, Centifolia owes its existence to the scientific observation of plants. Founder of the concept of cosmeto-botany (transposing the vitality of plants to the skin), it draws its formulations from the benefits of plants, in synergy with the human body. A true family history, Centifolia is dedicated to the well-being of people and nature and offers only certified organic products.




Jonzac Thermal Water



The French laboratory Léa Nature (French manufacturer of organic and natural products) has developed a unique brand: Eau Thermale de Jonzac. Organic care and hygiene products formulated from Jonzac thermal spring water, a hypermineralized water (mineral composition very close to that of the skin cells) with multiple virtues: regenerating, soothing, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and anti-aging. What is the brand’s intention? To create an osmosis between the natural ingredients and the nature of the skin in order to promote optimal penetration of the care products and to develop products with enhanced effectiveness.






Pierre Cattier first started marketing ready-to-use clays in a store in the Montmartre district, before creating a veritable empire in his name. For more than 50 years, the brand has focused all its energy on offering products that respect man and nature by complying with strict specifications such as those of Ecocert, Cosmebio or even Cosmos. Excellent care to slip into your travel kit.







Founded in 2018 by Justine Hutteau, the brand Respire is a concentrate of joy and good humor and concrete commitments to nature, starting with eco-responsible packaging (recycled, recyclable, refillable). Respire products are all made in France, natural, vegan and mostly organic.




Camille Florès



The French brand Camille Florès was born from the will of its founder Camille to offer a committed product, a multipurpose balm with a thousand virtues: coconut oil. Over the years, Camille has continued to improve this oil so that it becomes the pillar of our hygiene and beauty routine. The Bali coconut oil products of Camille Florès are natural and organic. The ultra convenient packaging of the coconut oil allows to use it at any time of the day and can be easily slipped into a travel kit.





Born in Brittany, the Algologie brand draws its inspiration from the benefits of the marine garden. To formulate its products, it gathers the best of the coastal and deep sea plants to create exceptional and innovative care products in the image of the sea. All products are made in France and contain an average of 95% natural ingredients. For a travel kit that transports you directly to the sea, slip in an Algologie product.




My Lubie



My Lubie is a brand for a product: a water-based lubricant, natural, vegan, moisturizing and made in France. Very practical to take in its travel kit for a stay alone or with several.




Monsieur Barbier



Monsieur Barbier is the reference in terms of natural beard and hair care. Founded in 2013, the brand was inspired by French genius to create its healthy, innovative and effective formulations. What Monsieur Barbier wants is to promote French-style male grooming. In other words, everything a man needs in his bathroom, from the first shower to the last combing (to look good, to enjoy in relaxation and well-being mode with effective and healthy products for the skin). And because a bathroom follows us everywhere, Monsieur Barbier has created nomadic formats to slip into your travel kits.


Dr. Bronner’s



Emanuel Bronner, an American of German nationality, founded his brand Dr. Bronner’s in 1948, with the aim of uniting us, even across religious and ethical divides, a message that he would print on his popular soap labels. Mainly known for its mythical 18-in-1 soaps, Dr. Bronner’s certifies its products as USDA Organic (American organic label), Fair for life (fair trade), vegan, B corp (label for companies that respect criteria of transparency and social responsibility), non-GMO project (no GMO), BDIH (German natural cosmetics label), World fair Trade Organization (fair trade). An almost perfect product, we feel like saying!


Elemental herbology


English brand of natural skin care and well-being, Elemental Herbology is based on the five elements of Chinese medicine to design its products: wood for normal to combination skin, fire for oily and congested skin, earth to protect the skin from pollution and restore vitality, metal for mature skin and water for sensitive and dehydrated skin. Beyond hygiene and care products, Elemental Herbology is committed to actively participating in the well-being of everyone through the Chinese philosophy.




Nature is a brand of the Austrian group Pure Green Cosmetics. Founded 20 years ago, the group develops certified organic and natural cosmetic brands that are good for the planet and for people. The NATURE brand was born from the desire to discover and understand the secrets of nature, and to use its benefits to offer quality products. NATURE products are natural and certified organic.



Go & Home



The Go & Home brand is a special edition of the Pure Green Cosmetics group. It is specially designed for mobility, as it offers travel-sized skincare products that can be taken anywhere, so that you always have the comfort of your bathroom with you.




Dr. PawPaw



Johnny and Pauline founded Dr. PAWPAW in 2013. Desperate to see their daughter suffer from eczema, they wanted a natural and effective alternative to the steroid creams usually prescribed. The brand set out to offer natural, vegan, and affordable multi-use products (lips, body, hair) to use for the entire family (from newborns to grandmothers).




Leonor Greyl



A true family passion for over 50 years, the French luxury house Leonor Greyl was born from the love of two enthusiasts: Leonor Greyl, enamored of beauty and healthy hair, and Jean-Marie Greyl, passionate about plants and botany. Together, they had a deep desire to develop a quality hair care brand based on plants and natural active ingredients that respect nature. Today, the brand’s reputation is well established, and it continues to prosper and formulate products that are increasingly effective and respectful.





For 25 years, the French brand SuperWhite, from the Biosynex laboratory, has been committed to taking care of your smile every day. Recognized and recommended by dentists, SuperWhite toothpastes are adapted to the needs of pharmacies and parapharmacy. The brand makes it a point of honor to offer quality products that are regularly renewed to be more and more innovative and that meet the most demanding oral needs.







Marvis is contemporary oral hygiene. The Italian luxury brand wants to transform a simple gesture into a moment of pleasure, with original tastes and compact textures to make us discover unique sensations while brushing our teeth. An original and elegant concept to protect and illuminate the smile, just what you need to create your travel kit.




Acca Kappa



Acca Kappa is the story of the Krüll family, an Italian company founded in 1869. The family was driven by excellence, culture and Italian elegance and wanted to create a brand that would reflect this. Acca Kappa products are developed with respect for the human body, nature and Italian elegance, inspired by the scents of flowers and plants in Italian gardens.





Ludovic Martelli founded his Proraso brand in 1908 with the idea of creating quality beard care products for gentlemen that are as natural, innovative and effective as possible. Since then, the Italian brand has grown both alongside the great specialists and at home.







Akiva is the brand that specializes in hydroalcoholic gel. It designs gels that eliminate 99.9% of viruses and coronaviruses for the protection of all (with the added bonus of great smells).