Getaway for a weekend, vacation or business trips, it is not easy (to put it mildly) to transport your bathroom and even less in an eco-responsible way.

Blooom already offers travel kits with the essentials of hygiene and care in mini and mimi sizes. High-end products, for the general public, organic or vegan, which already makes it possible to transport a small bathroom.

From now on, Blooom also offers to do it in a 100% eco-responsible way with Less is More, the zero waste travel kit: an assortment of Slow Cosmétique, French flagships, solid cosmetics, biodegradable or reusable packaging.


The must of Slow Cosmetics for responsible tourism

Less is More by Blooom bypasses airport controls with solid cosmetic products, so we forget about 100ml bottles or transparent plastic bags. Moreover, the Less is More travel toiletry bag slips on even if you take the train or go by car and is even recommended for hitchhiking (solid products therefore resistant ????).

A 100% solid and above all complete travel kit. The secret recipe is very simple: the best of French Slow Cosmetics: Pachamamaï, LouiseEmoi, Paulette Zéro Déchet sprinkled with Blooom creations.

Your cabin baggage or small travel bag will have the pleasure of welcoming a superb pencil case hand-sewn in France, in Oeko-Tex certified fabric. It is an eco-label guaranteeing the absence of products harmful to the skin, health and the environment.


Essential care in solid format and zero waste, zero plastic


As soon as you open this 100% eco-responsible travel kit, you are already transported by the scents of essential oils: petit brain of bigaradier, macadamia… the journey begins

A 25g travel size solid shampoo from Pachamamai: detangling and moisturising, it is also suitable for pregnant women. It stands quietly in its small reusable metal box and is extremely practical to keep it after use. Simply rub the pebble between your hands or on your scalp (this activates the blood circulation). A must-have for your hand luggage.

The Less is More travel kit could not do without the other reference of the Pachamamai brand: the famous solid toothpaste with activated vegetable charcoal. Ideal for travellers with sensitive teeth, it will slip into your hand luggage without weighing it down with its 20g. Fresh breath and a product without plastic or fluoride. Long live ecology when travelling!

Never going out alone, the solid toothpaste is always accompanied by a bamboo toothbrush with a biodegradable handle. Flexible, it allows maximum penetration between the gums and does not attack them. A must for your travel kit, never travel without it again!


We then move on to the second Slow Cosmetic flagship: Louise Emoi. An artisanal brand made in France, made with love by Louise and Matthieu. In the toiletry kit you will find the 50g honey soap, certified organic, with macadamia oil. It effectively protects skin that is damaged during travel.

Travelling also means a lot of moving around and therefore a lot of sweating. Don’t worry, Blooom has thought of everything, and offers you a solid deodorant with eco-responsible oils in your toiletry kit. Solid, in a 15g travel size, it is 100% natural and organic and composed essentially of butters and oils. It prevents the bacterial development responsible for bad smells.


Finally, we present you the star of the Zero Waste products: the reusable washable wipe. No more stocking up on disposable cotton pads, opt for an eco-responsible travel solution for effective make-up removal that respects your skin and our planet. You can use the wipe effectively with tap water! Don’t forget to wash it regularly. You will find in the Zero Waste Travel range the Blooom wipe or the exceptional Pancake from PauletteZéroDéchet: a French brand that announces a gentle zero waste revolution, with wipes in the form of… Pancake, silky and delicious, a real treat, yum!


The Less is More “zero waste” travel kit: the perfect kit for your travels

Here, in summary, a toiletry bag for the complete trip. Solid, natural, organic cosmetics, essential oils, scents that transport us, softness. All this with zero plastic, zero waste. Everything is either biodegradable or reusable.

No need to remember that these Less is More kits are assembled by people with disabilities as part of their professional reintegration, like all of our Blooom products.

Travel eco-responsible and participate in our social commitment!