Photo by Emanuela Picone on Unsplash

Ready for the next departure. You’ve rented your flat on Airbnb, you’ve rented your car at the arrival airport, you’ve picked up your toiletries for the Blooom trip. Now it’s time for the crucial phase of packing your suitcase. Unfortunately, you don’t have a suitcase, it’s not the right size, a wheel is broken, or you simply want to change your style: it’s now possible without spending a fortune… by renting your suitcase.

Of course, it used to be possible to rent suitcases from individuals via rental platforms. Today, the fact that well-known suitcase brands and other pure players offer this service gives it a more important dimension, particularly in the context of the circular economy.

Delsey, a French suitcase brand that needs no introduction, has launched its suitcase rental service, allowing you to have a suitcase delivered on a specific date. On your return, you drop your suitcase off at a relay point. Different formulas are proposed according to the duration of the stay but also a test option where you can buy the suitcase after your stay. Starting at 30€.

Cargo Luggage is a British start-up that also offers high-end luggage rental on the same principle.

A new service that will become more and more important with the connected suitcase and the rapid technological evolution. Renting will allow you to keep the latest technology while on the move, without buying a suitcase and being overtaken by new models.