Today we are talking about sustainability, eco-responsibility, Made In France, Zero Waste and… make-up removal!

Pauline, the founder of PauletteZéroDéchet, has pleasantly surprised us with her washable make-up remover pads that we have associated without any hesitation with the Blooom travel toiletry kits. Don’t hesitate for a second and put them in your hand luggage before your next departure 🙂

Adventurous, funny, friendly, authentic and full of ideas, Pauline tells us about her Zero Waste adventure and her travel tips!


1- How did you come up with the idea of creating Zero Waste Pancakes?

The Pancakes were literally born in the air, between France and New Zealand. Proof that travelling gives you wings and boosts your creativity!

Before leaving, I had time and I wanted to experiment with the concept of minimalism. Leaving with disposable cotton was not an option. I had never sewn before, and here I was on the plane with thread and a needle (yes, they let me through!). So I hand-sewed my first washable make-up remover, for myself, for my own pleasure, because I hadn’t found a product that really made me want to change my habits. That’s how the Pancake was born! Soft, plump and durable 🙂

I tested it when I was travelling, it’s so practical when you’re a traveller, you wash it with your socks and panties in the evening, it dries overnight and you’re ready to go on an adventure the next day! The girls I met on the trip really liked the idea, and then my friends and family when I got home. So I started making them for them and learning how to use the sewing machine.

2- What are the advantages of washable cotton pads compared to traditional cotton pads?

I’m completely objective and to my knowledge there are absolutely nothing but good things about using washable cotton pads 😀
Economical, it’s an investment at the beginning, but it pays off very quickly.
Ecologically, we no longer throw away (2000 on average per year and per woman) disposable cotton pads full of toxic products that are bad for your skin and for the planet.
Ethically, if we choose them well, we maintain French savoir-faire!
Comfortable, once again if you choose them well… But you absolutely have to choose Pancakes if you want to tick the box of extreme softness.
Practical, no more need to think about buying them when you go shopping, no more need to count the number of cottons you need to last your whole holiday…



3- What make-up removal routine do you recommend during travelling? 

I would advise you to take advantage of the opportunity to wear less make-up, or even none at all! Not good for business, you might say 😉 The Pancake is indeed used to remove make-up, but not only! I’ll tell you more later.

At home, we all (why not?) have our own make-up removal routine, with steps and a list of products that are more or less long. When we travel, we try to go lighter, more minimalist and we even take the opportunity to test new, more ecological habits! I recommend something very simple:

1) A fatty body to remove make-up with the vegetable oil of your choice (jojoba, hazelnut, argan or avocado oils will be perfect, as they are non-comedogenic). Massage your face with the oil and remove the make-up with the Pancake. You can use one or two sides of the Pancake, depending on the amount of make-up applied beforehand.
2) Soap for deep cleansing, very important! You wet and rub your Pancake with soap. This will allow you to clean your face by making the soap foam thanks to the action of the cotton in contact with the skin. In one stroke, your face and the Pancake are clean. You save time to go climb that damn Machu Picchu!

For my part, I only use the Pancake as a cleanser when I travel. I use it to have a nice and soft moment after a day of running around. The softness of the cotton and the little curls allow for a deep and gentle cleansing.


4- “Zero waste make-up removers” are starting to appear everywhere, how can you be sure of what you are buying?

Yes indeed, there are more and more brands offering washable make-up remover pads, proof of the zero-waste craze, and that’s great! On the other hand, you have to be careful what you buy. Here are my tips:

– Read the product details: 1) Make sure the fabric is Oeko-Tex Standart 100 certified. You must be sure that your skin is respected. 2) Check that the manufacturing is French, to have the satisfaction of using an ethical product that is good for the planet and for people.

– Beware of brands that offer cotton pads that do not require make-up remover! These products are absolutely not zero waste for two reasons: These pads often contain 95 to 100% polyester and last for a maximum of 3 months. You will have to buy new ones if you want to have the technology of the fabric that removes make-up with only water. These cotton pads come from the end of the world, and there is of course no mention of the brand’s ethics behind the product.

– Perhaps we should see if the washable cotton wool is really part of the brand’s core business, a real reflection on the use of the product or if it is simply the addition of a new product to be offered for sale. These washable cotton pads are often very cheap to encourage purchase, but above all they are of lower quality and become rough after ten or so uses. Not a good calculation after all…

– Test a sample before buying a whole kit, to be sure that the product suits you. On Blooom, you can put together your own kit to test the Pancake on the road! If you are convinced, you can FINALLY decide to do away with those pesky disposable cotton pads and have your own Pancake kit and choose the colour of your handles!


5- Paulette Zero Waste is almost 1 year old, how do you see the future of your Zero Waste adventure?”

The number one goal is to free disposable cotton pads from our bathrooms! For the moment we offer make-up remover pads, but pads are used for a thousand and one things and I’m preparing new versions for you very soon! Follow me on @paulettezerodechet 😉