You had the good idea to embark with a Blooom travel kit? Slipped into your hand luggage, it allows you to keep your bathroom during your trip. Organic, luxury, vegan, zero waste, there is something for everyone and in travel size (<100ml).

After a few days on holiday, it’s time to pack up and go home. You’ve been able to enjoy your great Leonor Greyl shampoo or the Go&Home Vegan deodorant, and now you have an empty travel kit.

The Blooom kit is the lightest on the market and is made from a single material, so it’s recyclable. Just before you throw it away, here are some ideas that might encourage you to take it back in your carry-on:


Keep your clothes wet

Do you feel like taking a last dip in the morning before you hit the road or the plane? Don’t go without and put your wet swimming costume in your Blooom kit!


Isolate dirty clothes

Socks that have lived through, dirty pants or briefs? isolate them in a Blooom kit and put them in your hand luggage without any risk for clean clothes.


Keeping electrical cables

They’re lying around and you can never find them when you need them: chargers, connecting wires… put them in your Blooom travel kit and be sure to find them.


Put away expense reports

You’re on a business trip, you probably have tons of expense reports waiting for you. Your wallet is bulging, you drop them with every payment. Store them in your Blooom travel kit.


Save your goldfish

Your fish tank has broken, don’t worry about buying a new one, just fill your perfectly sealed Blooom halfway and save life on earth! Buy a new jar as soon as possible ????


Slip some broken ice cubes into your Blooom and put in your bottle of rosé. Drink in moderation.